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Underground Retrocade

Nestled away in the Dundee Township Historic district sits, though not as old as the buildings that surround it, a reminder of the glory days of seemingly distant past. An arcade. A real arcade. 

We thought the Galloping Ghost was fantastic and apparently the fine folks at Underground Retrocade felt the same way – citing them with the inspiration and a similar business model. It was on this quiet night the lights of the machines help guide us through the two large aisles of cabinets. Here you would see each nook and cranny having been lovingly maintained and cleaned. Some of which I was surprised on how well kept the machines were even after several decades of use. 

It’s something that is beautiful in its enthusiasm and simplicity. It tries to be a true arcade of yester-year, and it does it in a really great way. 

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Every Day Is Play: A Celebration of the Video Game

Seven Kickstarter days remain for the funding of this magnificent book created by Game Paused featuring so many of the imaginative, inspiring artists we love here on it8bit. 

Every Day Is Play will showcase the works of designers, musicians, artists, writers and developers that have taken inspiration from the art that we grew up with. Through a series of features and interviews, covering everything from fan art to game modifications, we aim to provide not only a beautiful book but a wealth of creative play.

Watch the Kickstarter and consider backing this wonderful collection of video game art. There are several very cool reward tiers to choose from!

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