Pixel Identity Crisis

A talented artist and friend of it8Bit is branching out and we think that you might enjoy checking out his work. Check out Matej aka Retronator on any of his 3 blogs. 


  • pixel art
  • retro gaming
  • old computers, chiptunes
  • saturated colors, rainbows, spectrums and similar aesthetics

Matej Jan:

  • paintings
  • drawings
  • other creative projects

Dawn of Play:

  • games and prototypes
  • game development
  • other (indie) games


Reblogged from Retronator

Retro Pixel Spectrum by Matej Jan

Free shipping ends today!


Retro Pixel Spectrum

For all the fans of the one and only — ZX Spectrum 16K/48K — retronated to pixels by yours truly.

Wallpapers are 2560x1440 and are suitable for any desktop size. Just use the center option without stretching. Grab your favorite from these 6 variants:

Print, tees and hoodies are available at Society6.

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