Submit your work!

#1. ADD YOUR NAME AND THE ART TITLE TO THE SUBMISSION IF IT IS ORIGINAL (even if you have submitted before) or it will not be posted.

#2. IF YOU SUBMIT A LINK TO US AND SAY “REBLOG’ WE WILL NEVER BLOG YOUR CONTENT AGAIN. This also includes submitting links in a blank photo post. Please be respectful of our staff and the platform we have created to showcase artists work.

#3. Please feel free to include links to your shop, twitter, deviantart, etc.

For art you like, please make sure to include artist and links when possible. Art without a title or artist info WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. Please don’t submit things you found somewhere that you thought we would like unless you have some info on the work that we can research.
If it is your work- be sure to link your twitter, Tumblr, blog or anything else.

Be sure to include the appropriate tags as it helps other people find it.

Thank you!