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    Princess Peach is an angel, so I always float with her
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    Princess Peach, cause she can fly :)
  5. michellejohannah answered: toad!
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    Toad and Princess. The digs and the floats are what win this game. Mario had no added ability and Luigi’s high jumps...
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  8. scarlettcandee answered: Haha Luigi j’ai jamais ete capable… lol
  9. ivyvamp answered: LUIGI FTW!!!! Peach c’est trop facile elle vole :P ;)
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    Princess Peach. All...time. I actually beat...game using...
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  12. workingclassantihero answered: Toad, of course!
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  14. uranist answered: Peach!
  15. karollayne100 answered: ola tudo beim com vc bjos gato
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  17. magnum-driller answered: Peach, the first time i played simply because i thought it was so cool to play as her instead of rescuing her,and then i found out she floats
  18. stinkskc answered: princess
  19. lucasmeowbeth answered: TOAD OF COURSE
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  21. elaine-w answered: Mario
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  25. originalfei answered: Princess “Air” Peach, of course !
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  27. damn-it-nappa answered: Always was Peach as a kid. Always picked the girl characters ^^; It was the same for Amy in Sonic Adventure and Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken.
  28. zombierod answered: peach tbm :/
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  32. lionsnows answered: *000*
  33. lotushideout answered: Toad
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  39. n37runner answered: Peach
  40. shadow-mirror-122 answered: Peach. She can float.